Frustrated With Dull Knives?

There are few things more dangerous in the kitchen than working with dull knives.  Sharp knives cut cleanly through foods while duller blades tend to ‘dance’.  Duller knives require more force, and therefore the risk of injury increases with use.  For this reason you should ALWAYS keep your knives sharp.

Doesn’t That Take A Lot Of Work?

The simple answer: no.  There are hundreds of products on the market ranging from electric knife sharpeners, sharpening stones, and knife sharpening systems.  All of these products are designed to quickly and effectively sharpen your blades so that you can cut through foods safely and easily.  For more information check out this handy sharpener guide at MAL Knives.

The product you choose should suit your personal preferences.  If you want fast and easy then you should most likely go with an electric model that can sharpen your blades quickly.  If you’re concerned with maintaining the factory bevel angle on your knives then you should go with something that will allow this angle to be maintained.

The best option for those that aren’t comfortable with using sharpening stones is to purchase a knife sharpening system.  These products use sharpening stones, but they are locked into place allowing you to sharpen to the exact angle of your blade easily and quickly.

There are several different models on the market.  Some lock the blade in place and the stones are slide across the surface.  others operate in the opposite manner.  You can find videos of both online so that you can determine the best model for you.

One of the biggest benefits of these sorts of sharpeners is that they are extremely flexible.  They allow you to sharpen just about any sort of knife including kitchen, pocket knives, and even custom knives.

Are They Easy to Use?

Most sharpening systems can be learned very quickly.  In short amount of time you will be capable of sharpening all of your dull knives back to their factory edge.  From then on out all you have to do is maintain them on occasion to keep them in perfect working order.

Once you realize how much better your knives can perform you will look forward to sharpening them on a regular basis.  Cutting through even difficult foods is like cutting through warm butter.

How Much Should I Spend?

Depending on the features you want you should be prepared to spend anywhere form $125 to $300 for a quality system.  This will come with a variety of stones for repairing damaged blades, sharpening, and honing.  Typically there will be three levels of grit stones.  The higher the grit, the less material it removes from the blade of the knife.

A properly sharpened and honed knife should last you for many months.  If you notice that it isn’t performing as well you can quickly use a honing steel to realign the blade.  This only takes a few moments and can ensure that the blade of the knife keeps it’s edge for a good bit longer.


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